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Nurse Rounding - An Essential Element of Healthcare

More than ninety percent of the patients were satisfied and happy to see nurses around them enquiring about their illness. A sense of well being was evolved in the minds of the people when they felt the presence of a person attending to their difficulties without any hesitation. When nurse rounding was performed every hour, the buzzing of call lights during night hours reduced considerably. Patient care and safety management was carried out effectively. This helped in building up the trust of patients on the physicians and the hospitals. The set of duties which has to be performed by the nurses were specifically mentioned in the protocol brought out by the hospital management.

What does a patient expect from nurse rounding? A nurse has to understand this and work accordingly. The quality of their care depends on the perception of the nurse about the needs of the patient and performing the services in that direction. People who are hospitalized often expect their attendant to be their friend and comfort them during the times of pain. Compassion, sincerity, kindness and reassurance are some of the basic qualities which a nurse should possess. Nursing care does not simply mean the physical presence of a person in a white uniform. One should be dedicated to the profession before they start with their duties.

There are certain things which should be noted down during every nurse rounding. First and foremost greet the patient and notify him that you are there for your rounds. Always check the levels of pain using the scale and report immediately if there is necessity. Arrange the medicines accordingly so that it is easy for administration. If the person requires support for performing toilet activities, then give him a hand of help. Make sure that the patient is comfortable. Keep the telephone, TV remote; call light and lamp within the reach of the patient. Also keep a jug of water near the patient. Finally before leaving the room, ask the patient whether there is anything that he requires.

If nurse rounding is performed in such a manner in every hospital, the patient care and safety management will be effective. People will be happy and this attitude will lead to speedy recovery. Nowadays there are many websites which offer software's for the management of rounds. These sites guarantee hundred percent patient service and care. If you use these methods you can save your pennies and also take health care into a higher step.

In short, nurse rounding is a vital part of every institution or hospital. There are different methods present nowadays to implement the care and safety required by a patient. The ultimate aim of a hospital is to serve the people who are in need. You can use any method to give them the best care.

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Nurse Rounding
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